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Month: November, 2012

Humane Foreign Policy Is Not: A Litany

Is not kill lists.
Is not drone strikes.
Is not rendition.
Is not black sites.
Is not nation building.
Is not surges.
Is not pre-emptive war.
Is not third world debt.
Is not oil.
Is not hunger.
Is not imperialism.




The places we cherish the most: paths and streams strewn and sewn into our minds’ eyes. Exposed are the social organisms in which we insinuate our one-and-only selves into the heaving of common breath. In the hands we hold, the inflections we ponder, the pain we soothe – those are forms of portals in which we reach out; in which we are touched.

Portals are new worlds, realities, emotions, and joy born from mutually inclusive embraces and bumps. Socially, we can render our psyches filled the “humanness” of mutual experience, conversation or glance. Handshakes and nods press beyond immediate recognition and reflex; they associate, mediate, remediate. They hold and calm; conjure and create.

An electorate. A co-habitant. Do we reformulate as we ameliorate?

Common ground doesn’t ask for less; my one hundred means your one hundred.