by inkwell2

Awake at 2:48 a.m.

Dog sleeps at my feet,
Twitching and trembling
House stirs in
Rhythm with the rise and
Fall of quiet breathing
Minds move in vivid thought
Fantastic interpretation
The world shifts and sighs
I lay here in darkness
Children are born
Elders pass
Mothers mourn
Leaders decide
Citizens cry
I join in its raveling
I am awake.

White Wall

Soft light sheath pours over
Insidious rises and recesses;
Swiftly, I am absorbed into its
Hypnotic crevices. The wall is an
Oxymoron: sturdy enough to
Hold up the others, yet frail
Against angry fists. It divides,
Creates rooms and passages.
It waits with me, understanding
Weary frustrations dipped
In time. The wall stands unchanged
Through movement it patiently
Remains despite revolving minutes
And colors. Speaking through echo,
Its chamber-like stance wisely
Reduces diatribe into
Mere murmur.

Anticipating Your Arrival

The train station sits at the end of town,
Past the rescue mission, just a block from
Renovated buildings housing high-end
Boutiques and cleverly packaged foods.
We walk into the hollow terminal.
Shiny floors reflect enormous doorway
Arches. We hug and wave goodbye as the
Porter awaits your bag.
Leaving for months at a time.
For now, you will be back in a matter of days.
On your back, you carry that banjo while those
Nearby look curiously at an instrument they’ve
Seen only old country legends play.
You pay no mind. Your independence
Has preceded you most of your life.
The big city neither intimidates nor
Overwhelms, as you choose not to judge.
You have devoured succulent
Words of master poets and aging
Musicians. You walk with their wisdom.
Juxtaposed colors and sounds of the city
Make for a stunning mosaic, built upon the
Whispers of time you so acutely tune.
The rails take you to a town,
Anticipating your arrival.

Copyright © Jennifer M Ortiz. All rights reserved worldwide.