It’s Citizen’s United and “dark money” and public interests groups that are not interested in the public’s interest. It is fake filibustering and gerrymandering that creates an artificially empowered radical minority to win the day. It is off shore tax havens and off shore use of slave-like labor to produce inferior goods that constantly beg for replacement and upgrade. It is constant capitalization of all and anything once sacred like education, medicine, elder care and retirement. It is phony American dreams stashed in a casino that reduces middle class entry into a rigged roulette table. It is fake press and pundits who point out the shiny objects that distract from the real and unfortunate stories. It is the intentional, methodical revocation of freedom of speech and of assembly and of right of privacy. It is militarization of police. It is the shutdown of the federal government by a select few. It is disemployment of hundreds of thousands. It is economic strain, estrangement and collapse. It is disenfranchisement and disillusionment and medicinal prophylactics.

It is disintegration, mutilation, disunification, demoralization, neglect.

America gone coup-coup.