‘Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad’?

Two out of three isn’t good enough. If I have three sons, and two of them are designated as being more legitimate persons or citizens, when is that ever just? Never.

Before last week, two of my sons had access to more than 1,800 legal rights than the one son. Prior to then, one son was unable to gain access to a legal institution which guaranteed him rights varying from inheritance to health insurance. Two of my sons and their loved ones were able to walk through the doors of any given municipality and leave in union. Or participate in end of life decisions or use tax benefits or adopt as a family. One of my sons was not. 

Back then, a week ago, my one son was considered too controversial, God’s forgotten: “The Other.” Two of my sons were never questioned. This time, today, all three sons are viewed as equals – not an all fronts – but significantly so.

I worry, yes I do. There are people in this world with a violent mindset. They don’t believe in the humanity of some – the rights of others. The rights of My Son. His humanity. His dignity. He is MY SON. He is to be given everything my other two sons have today and yesterday and tomorrow. Everything that WE have.